Contemplated Combination of Boreo and Sievi Capital


We are acting as legal advisor to Boreo Plc in the combination of Boreo Plc and Sievi Capital Plc, which has been contemplated to be implemented through an absorption merger in accordance with the Finnish Limited Liabilty Companies Act.

‘The future company will be well placed to create growth through a decentralised entrepreneurial operating model, and the proposed combination strengthens the value proposition of being a best-in-class home for its companies and people. The future company will be an even more competitive partner for its customers and clients, and the company's ability to attract talented experts will be further increased”, says Kari Nerg, CEO of Boreo.

The future company's preliminary illustrative combined net sales were approximately EUR 474 million and adjusted EBITDA approximately EUR 59 million, of which the illustrative minority share is EUR 21 million. The future company will employ approximately 1,700 people.

Boreo, a company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, creates value by owning, acquiring and developing B2B businesses in Northern Europe. Boreo’s operations are organised into three Business Areas: Electronics, Technical Trade and Heavy Machines.

Sievi Capital is a partner for Finnish entrepreneurs that supports the growth, performance and value creation of small and medium-sized companies and concurrently builds national competitiveness.

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