Procurement Cases

Procurement Law Services


We have helped many of our clients navigate shifting procurement legislation. We have acted on behalf of both purchasers and tenderers in negotiated proceedings, life cycle projects, service outsourcing projects, data system procurements and reorganisations of operations. We put innovative new procedures and results-based procurements into practice. Here are a few of our procurement case references.

Planning and Implementation of Government ICT Procurement


We assisted a government procurement unit in a significant ICT procurement that was carried out in a negotiated procedure. We assisted in the planning and implementation as well as in the drafting of the procurement agreement. The client obtained the services, which support its key operations, in the planned time table. This assignment required our team’s detailed knowledge of procurement law, contract law and contractual practices as well as an in depth understanding of the client’s operations. 

Commission Exemption from Application of Directive on Public Procurement on Utilities

We represented an energy-sector client in Commission proceedings that lead to an exemption from the application of the Directive on public procurement on utilities. The application was based on changed market conditions and the existing competitive situation between competing products. The process required extensive legal and technical studies that formed the basis for a dialogue with the Commission and the national authorities. The end result was the removal of administrative burdens in a situation in which there were no competition law grounds for a tendering obligation.

Procurement and Competitive Neutrality Assessments in Relation to Finnish Social and Health Care Service Reform

We have assisted social and health care services sector clients in assessing procurement and competitive neutrality questions relating to the upcoming overhaul of Finnish social and health care legislation and helped them provide comments at various stages of the legislative process. We have also helped our clients assess the effects that various alternatives would have on their business operations.

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