We value C&S’s expertise and working with them has been very easy.
Risto Voutilainen, Finlayson


Licensing onto Larger Markets


Finlayson Oy is a beloved Finnish home textile manufacturer known for its high-quality products and bold, colourful prints. One of its most popular product lines at the moment is Tom of Finland.

Finlayson has successfully expanded its business outside of Europe through licensing deals with carefully chosen partners, particularly in Asia. The company’s prints and brand are highly visible in its licensing partners’ product lines, for example, in home textiles and clothing, stationary, dishware and other high-quality products. In China, the company is also establishing its own shop-in-shops together with a local licensing partner.

  • There are a total of eighteen Finlayson shops, seventeen of which are in Finland and one in Sweden.
  • In addition to actual shops, Finlayson has pop-up-shops and shop-in-shops in Finland and Sweden.
  • Finlayson has licensing partners in Europe, Korea, Japan and most recently in China. 

Licensing based on IPR portfolio

Licensing can open the door for companies looking to expand their own product lines and markets by granting licences to their intellectual property, such as trademarks and designs. Balanced agreements and the effective management of intellectual property rights create a solid foundation for successful licensing partnerships. The key is finding the right partners.

International licensing business operations and agreements need to be built on a carefully planned and sufficiently broad IPR portfolio. The effective management of trademarks and copyrights to patterns is of key importance to Finlayson.

We worked with Finlayson and their licensing partner 5th Wave Brands and ensured the global protection and enforcement of Finlayson’s intellectual property rights.

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