Assistant Elina Salminen

Development Tasks Give One the Right Spark in the Middle of Day-to-day Routines

Elina has more than ten years of experience working as an assistant. She joined Castrén & Snellman in 2012, having dreamt of working at a large law firm. As an employee, Elina is spontaneous and she works hard at coming up with new ideas. In addition to her assistant duties, she likes to participate in various development projects and work groups.

‘The best part is when I have a lot of different things to do. I don’t feel at home when a job is too narrow and one-sided. Some people may like that, but I can say through experience that it does not suit me. Different development tasks give me just the right spark and kick in the middle of day-to-day routines. I am very satisfied with the fact that assistants are given many opportunities here.’

According to Elina, the work of an assistant can in some companies be one-sided, but at C&S she has had a wide range of tasks. This is easy to believe listening to her describe her work. In addition to her daily assistant tasks, she is a part of the development group for international strategy, she coordinates the firm’s Green Office activities and supports other employees in the use of Office programs.

‘I sought out these tasks because they interest me. The development of our international strategy has been educational and refreshing. Thanks to it, I have gotten a wider picture of what is going on in the entire firm. The Green Office work has also been important to me, because it matches my personal values. I am glad to help others, and being a support person for the personnel regarding Office programs has been a pleasure. I have genuinely been able to adapt my work to match my personal interests.’

There is plenty of room for active employees and new ideas at the office.

‘Along with experience, I have gained the confidence to think of new ways of working. Nowadays I quite courageously suggest new, more efficient ways of finishing tasks to our lawyers. It feels great to have your idea accepted and turn out to be successful.’

The C&S spirit can be felt in the friendly and egalitarian environment of the office. Regardless of one’s position, all employees’ opinions and ideas are listened to.

‘I feel the difference. Here, everybody is included in the discussion and treated equally. The opinions of assistants are valued.’