Office Manager Anna Medvedeva, St Petersburg Office

An All-Rounder from St Petersburg

Since she began working in C&S's St Petersburg office in 1996, Anna Medvedeva has witnessed great changes in the Russian market. In the 1990s, large-scale international corporate acquisitions were not yet part of everyday life in the St Petersburg office. It was a small unit dealing mostly with different registrations and other minor corporate law issues. After the turn of the millennium, the office's field of activity changed radically.

‘Life in the office suddenly turned very hectic, as we became involved in major international investment projects and acquisitions,’ Anna recalls.

At the beginning of her career, Anna had the opportunity to familiarise herself with Western legal practice, which differs quite radically from Russian reasoning. She is happy about this experience.

‘A translator cannot translate legal text without understanding its real significance and its context. Realising this, my tutor at the time, Sergei Lee—who is currently one of our partners—initiated me into the subtleties of mergers and acquisitions. This was an asset both for me and for our entire office when I started to assist our lawyers in their work.’

These days, Anna only spends about a half of her working time translating. As Office Manager, her responsibilities also include various administrative duties, assistant's tasks and participation in different kinds of projects. Anna’s colleagues know her as an all-rounder who is always up-to-date about what's going on in the office.

‘Though I love translating, I also enjoy the variety in my job. There is no such thing as “an ordinary day at the office”. I learn constantly in my work and my skills improve, particularly as a translator.’

The St Petersburg staff work closely with the C&S offices in Moscow and in Helsinki. It is not always easy when two very different cultures meet. Nevertheless, communication between the offices has improved and is evolving all the time.

‘We have received training in understanding the Finnish mindset, which has been very helpful. The Helsinki staff, in turn, have been introduced to Russian culture and the Russian mentality. I’m looking forward to continuing our discussion on our cultural differences and how to deal with them successfully.’