Six Trends for the New Decade of Technology

The 2010s were a decade of breathtaking technological development. What can we expect from the 2020s?

Technology will change every industry and service. The most significant changes will be in the energy, transport and logistics sectors. We got a taste of things to come last summer when we helped Google’s subsidiary Wing Aviation Finland start a drone food delivery service in Finland. 

  1. We will use technology to solve the world’s most critical problem—climate change. Companies will be able to use technology to improve their energy efficiency and improve their operations and the recycling of materials. When it comes to corporate responsibility, the need to produce services in a more environmentally friendly manner will take a place alongside data protection and ethical matters.
  1. New technologies and the data gathered by them will be of increasing strategic importance to companies. Contractual issues relating to data ownership and use will come into focus as we transition even further into a data economy.
  1. It is impossible to discuss the future without mentioning artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will bring ethical concerns to the forefront. Humans should make use of AI, but keep hold of the reigns. This will likely remain the dominant model for years to come.
  1. ‘As-a-service’ operating models will become more and more common and challenge traditional fields through the Internet of Things, edge computing, and more efficient connections. At the same time, the amount of regulation will increase, as new business models could be seen to pose risks to data protection.
  1. There will be increasing pressure in traditional IT infrastructure and application projects for ‘one-stop-shop’ models, even in multiple supplier environments. Customers only care about a functional result, and it will fall to suppliers to carry the responsibility for the overall supply chain. There is no point in individual suppliers working on individual bugs if the whole system doesn’t work.

We have already gotten a taste of these trends helping our clients in numerous ground-breaking projects over the past decade, and I am sure that the pace will only intensify from hereon.