Reporting an offence was considered in one in three tax audits

Reporting an offence was considered in one in three tax audits

We are Finland’s leading criminal law team with a focus on corporate crime. We have many years of experience in successfully handling extensive criminal procedures and internal investigations, and we assist our clients in managing corporate crime risks.

Criminal procedures

Companies may face situations in which they or their employees become the subjects of a criminal procedure. We assist companies and their management and other personnel throughout the entire process from preliminary investigations to trials. Being suspected of an offence can also affect the company’s profitability and reputation, particularly if the process drags on. Handling the process in a professional manner helps minimise its negative impacts. We build a strong defence for your case and handle the entire procedure on your behalf efficiently and reliably.

The types of criminal procedures in business we handle include:

  • Financial offences, white-collar crimes
  • Trade secret offences
  • Security markets offences, insider trading
  • Corruption, bribery
  • Environmental offences
  • Work safety and employment offences
  • Data and communications offences, data breaches
  • Offences in public office
  • Offences relating to freedom of speech and protection of privacy
  • Tax offences
  • Money laundering offences

Internal investigations and assisting the injured party

When a suspicion of possible irregularity arises, the company’s management must take sufficient and prompt action to sort out the situation. Irregularity typically relates to corruption or misappropriation of company funds or trade secrets. We assist clients in every step of an internal investigation, and we can conduct the entire investigation on our client’s behalf.

During an internal investigation, we, among other things, systematically collect data of irregularities by screening documents and interviewing employees and management. It is crucial for a potential further process to secure and compile relevant evidence. Based on our findings, we will instruct you on what steps to take. Our investigation builds up an extensive database of facts and evidence that is ready for use if the suspected abuse moves on to a preliminary investigation.

It is important to investigate potential damages and draft a claim for damages as early as possible during the process. Issues relating to confiscation for security will also need to be dealt with at this stage. Damages issues are often complex and may require the involvement of independent expert witnesses.

After the initial stages, we assist the injured party in making a request for investigation and claiming damages as well as act as counsel for the client in the preliminary investigation and the subsequent trial. It is also common that the perpetrator will seek to hide assets that have been obtained through crime. In such a case, we help in tracing and recovering the assets at home and abroad.