Merely fulfilling the minimum requirements is not enough in sustainable construction

Merely fulfilling the minimum requirements is not enough in sustainable construction

Construction endeavours are always major investments in the future. In order to fulfil business goals, the legal aspects of the project have to be handled in a proactive and controlled manner. An experienced advisor is a crucial help in ensuring the success of your project.

Be it new-build or renovation, our experts are quick to distinguish the relevant characteristics and risks related to a project. We know the typical challenges in both building and civil construction, and can provide you with practical solutions to draft well-functioning agreements and avoid disputes.

We provide support for your construction project from start to finish, including the following tasks:

  • Advice during project planning and risk assessment related to methods of implementation
  • Advice during procurement or bidding
  • Drafting construction contracts and design or consultancy agreements
  • Co-operation and framework agreements and other contracts related to implementation
  • Management of claims during construction
  • Warranty and defect liability matters
  • Dispute resolution

Our lawyers have a multidisciplinary educational background and practical experience from the real estate and construction industry. We have in-depth knowledge of the widely used standard forms of contract in Finland (e.g. YSE 1998 and KSE 2013 general terms), and also provide you with cutting edge information on up-and-coming developing trends such as construction management contracts, integrated project deliveries and alliancing. We are particularly well-versed in questions related to large property development and infrastructure projects.

Our experienced attorneys routinely handle construction disputes in litigation and arbitration, and you can trust us to also make use of alternative dispute resolution tools such as mediation or adjudication boards.