Prevas Aktiebolag – Acquisition of majority of NMAC Group shares

Prevas Aktiebolag – Acquisition of majority of NMAC Group shares

Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements are high on today’s management agenda in practically all areas of business. These days, compliance also includes sustainability goals and related stakeholder expectations.

We help you map out a comprehensive understanding of your compliance and risk landscape so that you can make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and maintain a strong reputation.

Know your present and future compliance risks

We assist you in detecting and minimising your present and future compliance risks. Our work includes integrity due diligence on customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We also perform more extensive compliance risk analysis of our client’s existing businesses as standalone assignments and of target companies as part of transactional work. In addition to regulatory requirements and integrity risks, we assess adherence with company compliance and sustainability policies.

Be on top of different sanctions regimes

International sanctions and export control affect many businesses that trade internationally. Rapidly changing sanction regimes and the increase in restrictions in recent years mean that you are having to navigate a very complex regulatory landscape. Being on top of different regimes and changes may seem overwhelming but non-compliance can lead to substantial risks, such as criminal liability, loss of business and reputational risks.

We advise in all questions relating to sanctions and export control. Our expertise covers assessment of a company’s sanction risks, sanction screening processes, drafting internal sanctions compliance programmes and advising on export licensing requirements.

A complete service for all your compliance issues

Through our firm’s exceptionally broad and leading full-service capability, you will find a complete set of services covering all aspects of compliance, ranging from anti-corruption, general criminal law, tax, data protection and competition law to sector specific regulatory expertise in most industries such as energy, mining, environmental, insurance and financial services.

As sustainability considerations are an integral part of compliance and risk management, we will also help you meet your sustainability obligations and objectives.