Your Nordic Coach in the Russian Arena

The vast Russian market with its high potential is right next door to the Nordic countries. As your trusted advisor, we are here to help you make the most of this attractive market.

We have a proven track record of supporting our clients’ success in Russia since 1994 – Russia is in our DNA. We know the local business environment like the back of our hand, making us the ideal partner to identify and minimise your risks.

Whether you are looking to enter, expand or exit, we have the right solutions.






Kesko Corporation, advised on the acquisition of 36 INTERSPORT stores mainly in the St Petersburg and Moscow areas.


Sponda plc (a listed Finnish real estate investment company), advised on ca 10 projects related to acquisitions of business centres and shopping malls in Moscow and StP Regions.


Capman, advised NORUM in more than 30 investment projects and exits in Russia in various sectors. Norum is currently part of CapMan plc (a listed Finnish private equity company).


Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Sponda Plc and EteraMutual Pension Insurance Company, advised on the establishment Russia Invest investing in real estate development projects in Moscow and St Petersburg together with SRV Group Plc and Onvest Group.


Myllyn Paras (a Finnish company engaged in food processing), development of production facilities
—a mill, including the construction of railways—
in the Moscow region.


OAO Fortum, divestment of its stake in OAO Kurgan Generation Company.

Rautakesko Oy, advised on entering the Russian market and its acquisition of the Stroymaster DIY chain.


Wenaas, (Norwegian hotel chain), advised on the acquisition of the SAS Royal Hotel and the Pulkovskaya Hotel.


Elcoteq SE, divestment of its subsidiary ZAO Elcoteq to Optogan CJSC .


In addition to our Helsinki office, you can contact us in our St Petersburg or Moscow offices.