Management Group

Castrén & Snellman’s Management Group is responsible for the practical execution of the strategy drafted by the board, and for leading the development of our internal processes to best support the work we do for our clients.

Our Management Group has members from our services and our support groups. The composition of the Management Group ensures that all our employees and operations are comprehensively taken into consideration in the decision of the group.

Four of the members of the Management Group are partners and three are other personnel. Any of our employees may bring matters of importance for the firm to be discussed and decided in the meetings of the management group.

The members of the Management Group are:

Pauliina Tenhunen, Chairman

Pia Dahlqvist

Heikki Ilvessalo

Arto Linnervuo

Sakari Lukinmaa

Kalle Miettinen

Outi Ruohola

Terhi Talvitie

Uwe Uusitalo