Financial Highlights

Castrén & Snellman has grown rapidly over the past years, and at the same time the number of our international assignments has grown significantly. We are a financially stable and profitable Finnish company. Our financial success means we can be a long-term and reliable partner for our clients and a secure employer for our personnel.

Turnover and Profit 

    Turnover (MEUR)
Our turnover during the 1 February 2014–31 January 2015 financial period was 41,6 million euros, which is a growth of about 2 per cent from the previous financial period. Our profit was 11,2 million euros.  


    Number of Personnel
At the end of the 1 February 2014–31 January 2015 financial period, our personnel consisted of 258 persons (145 lawyers, 79 support personnel, and 34 trainees).  



Personnel by Office

At the end of 2014, there were 233 employees working at our Helsinki office, 9 at our St Petersburg office, and 16 at our Moscow office.  


Turnover in Relation to the Number of Lawyers 

A figure that is widely used in the legal industry is the proportion of the turnover to the number of lawyers in the firm. The proportion of Castrén & Snellman’s turnover to the number of its lawyers was an average of 287 000 euros per lawyer in the previous financial period.

Other Figures 

Other figures relevant to our business can be found at Careers Personnel Facts in Brief