Corporate Responsibility

Pro-bono work has always been a part of the legal profession. Castrén & Snellman has actively participated in building the well-being of our society ever since the firm was established in 1888. Below you will find some of our most recent charitable activities.

Free Legal Services

Our lawyers regularly participate in providing pro-bono legal counselling through the Finnish Bar Association. This counselling is provided in major cities in Finland, for example in libraries, where anyone is welcome to seek free legal advice for their problems. Attending lawyers recommend what steps should be taken and what experts or authorities should be contacted in the matter in question. The discussions are held in absolute confidence.

For more information, check the Finnish Bar Association’s website.

Taking Action to Prevent Climate Change

Our personnel’s shared concern over the consequences of climate change lead to our whole work community taking action. Now our Helsinki office is the first law firm in Finland to meet the requirements of the WWF’s Green Office environmental programme.

The most significant environmental impacts of the legal services industry are typically created by the consumption of paper and electricity and by the carbon dioxide emissions produced by travelling. In our extensive environmental programme, we are committed to significantly reducing these impacts.

We pay careful attention to the environmental friendliness of the goods and services we purchase. We also strive to ensure that our activities produce as little waste as possible, and almost all the waste we do produce can be recycled or used to produce energy.

For more information, please read our press release on the Green Office certificate.

Responsible Corporate Practices

We became a proud member of FIBS ry starting on September 2013. Responsible corporate practices are already an established part of Finnish business life. The FIBS network has over 200 members, including six of Finland’s ten largest companies and Finland’s eight largest employers. FIBS helps companies develop responsible and sustainable practices and to translate corporate responsibility into a competitive advantage. The network provides information about corporate responsibility trends and best practices and provides a forum for companies and other stakeholders to exchange information and experiences.


Legal Advisor to the Finnish Olympic Committee

Starting from December 2013, our firm has been in a partnership with the Finnish Olympic Committee. We will be the Olympic Committee’s legal advisor for the next three years. We help the Olympic Committee in handling, among other things, with agreements and by providing a set amount of legal services to them and athletes in the form of lectures and materials. 

For more information, please read our press release.