Castrén & Snellman as an Employer

We want working at Castrén & Snellman to not only be productive, but to be stimulating and to provide the opportunity for continual professional development. Our personnel policies are guided by four leading ideas from our People strategy:

The Right People in the Right Places

We are constantly looking for new people at C&S. We strive to take the best applicants, and recruit from among them those persons who are the best match for the culture and shared values of C&S. At the same time, we wish to ensure that everyone at C&S is offered challenging work every day that is appropriate for his or her skills and experience.

Supervisor Supporting your Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our employees is of critical importance to us. Supportive supervisors have a key role in building wellbeing. We are constantly training our supervisors and all C&S personnel in matters relating to work wellbeing.

First-Class Results from Shared Knowledge

The added value that we produce for our client relies on making use of all the expertise of individuals for the benefit of the client. All personnel will actively share information, and are encouraged to continuously develop their skills.

Equitable Career Opportunities for All

Every member of C&S has the right to expect high quality leadership and a direction for his or her future. 

We will systematically carry out our strategy, and ensure that the vision of C&S is also realised for our employees on a personal level.

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Professional Development

Work Life Balance      

Health and Well-being at Work 

Having Fun Together 

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